Since 1920 design has always been at the heart of Ercol - Design for comfort, design for function, and design for beauty. Combining practicality with looks, Ercol is one the leading furniture manufacturers in the UK

Ercol Bosco Bedroom
Ercol Bosco Dining
Ercol Collection
Ercol Cosenza
Ercol Enna
Ercol Forli
Ercol Ginosa
Ercol Marinello
Ercol Monza Bedroom
Ercol Monza Dining
Ercol Novara
Ercol Romana
Ercol Salina Bedroom
Ercol Teramo Bedroom
Ercol Teramo Dining
Ercol Windsor

Ercol Ethos

Since the start of Ercol in 1920, design has always been at the heart of Ercol – design for comfort, design for function, design for beauty. Ercol combine practicality with looks, be it the copious storage of our sideboards, shelving units, bookcases and display cabinets, the comfort of our studio couch and of our chairs, or the utility of our coffee tables, lamp tables, desk and media units. As well as Ercol in-house design team, they commission some of the best in British design talent to bring you some outstanding furniture. Ercol’s designs constantly evolve to reflect how you live today, whilst continuing to reflect ercol’s quality and craftsmanship.