Bridal Registry Service


At Gillies we offer a personal Bridal Registry Service that gives you the opportunity to choose gifts from all departments in the store, whether it is home accessories, soft furnishings or major furniture items.

How it Works?

A member of our staff will be with you every step of the way, helping to you compile your gift list. With inspiration from all over the store we help get all of your ideas down onto paper and register all the gifts on our system. We then supply you with ‘Guest Cards’ which you can enclose with your invitations or given to guests by request. The card has all the information on where your Gift List is registered and has the details of our website, email and phone numbers.

Thank You!

As a gift for your special day and a thank you for choosing Gillies, we will issue you with a store gift card amounting to 5% of the total spent by your Guests.

If you are interested in using Gillies for your Bridal Register or have any questions please contact Gillies at;

Telephone - 01382 477281

Email -

How to ‘Wedding List’?

Get Ready to be surprised! – Friends and family are much more generous than you expect. Guests love a long list to choose from and will often revisit to make your day as special as possible.

A Long, Long, Long List. – Make sure you have plenty to choose from on your list. It is easy to prioritise items on your list, this is much easier than having to go back and add more.

Time Is Always Ticking Away. – Weddings take time to plan. So does a Gift List. The quicker your list is arranged the longer your guests have to choose. Plus that’s one less thing on your mind.

Go Big! – It is easy to have ‘Big Ticket’ items on your list and have a few people contribute to the cost. After all, people just want to make sure you get what you want! Remember Your Measurements! – If you are ordering furniture make sure you bring your measurements to store. This way we know that all this is going to fit in your home.