Gwinner Blogg

Gwinner Blogg

The successful combination of lacquer and wood can be seen across all Gwinner ranges. But the designers at Gwinner have gone one step further - they have incorporated new materials and developed a completely new design that cleverly combines different textures and contrasts. Lacquered surfaces, real-wood veneers, black or brown glass, and delicate elements made from black lacquered metal work together in harmony. The continuous Blogg element is always the focus and helps create unusual accents.

Configuration: BG2G Wall Unit with BG23 Sideboard & CT408-85 Coffee Table in Fango Lacquer with Natural Oak Timber

Wall Unit: W: 327cm H: 54.2-213.2cm D:41.5-55.5cm; Highboard: W: 197.4cm H: 89.8cm D: 49cm; Coffee Table: W:85cm H:41cm D: 85cm

Mix of Materials

The carcase and fronts are available in a choice of three lacquer colours. You can also choose to add accents to any of the display-unit rear panels, the TV bench or angled shelves in one of two real-wood veneer finishes or one of four matt silk lacquer colours. Your furniture, just the way you want it.



The Blogg collection can be designed in so many ways thanks to the various options:. You can combine individual elements such as - sideboards, highboards, lowboards, display units, wall units and glass shelves in any way you please.


The fronts are made from 19-mm-thick solid wood. The sides, shelves and rear panels are made from E1 chipboard. The exterior is real wood veneered and the interior is lacquered. The sides and shelves are 19-mm thick, the cover panels and outer sides are 13-mm thick. The rear panels are 5-mm thick.

The drawers are mounted on soft-close, cushioned partial-extension Quadro runners, and have been tested 40,000 times. Doors and glass doors are mounted on nickel-plated, three-way adjusting, fast-assembly metal cup hinges, which have been tested 40,000 times. Display-unit doors are made from parasol brown float glass, glass shelves are made from clear float glass, shelves and shelf sides are made from brown parasol float glass.

Load Bearings

Base-elements drawers have a load-bearing capacity of 15 kg; all other drawers have a load-bearing capacity of 10 kg when loaded evenly. Wooden shelves have a load-bearing capacity of 15 kg; glass shelves have a load-bearing capacity of 10 kg.